I first put my findings and case history of my own IgA Nephropathy condition on the net almost 20 years ago. For a long time I kept the information up to date. I was motivated to do this because I’d been surprised by a diagnosis of rapidly progressive IgAN and was looking at dialysis, transplant, and worse.

I found my own cure which was a tonsillectomy. Having been given a 6 month to 2 year prognosis those many years ago I am living proof that my treatment works.

I’ve engaged in countless discussions on this topic with nephrologists and immunologists over the years. I am continuing to be surprised and amazed that the majority of medical professionals will not consider any treatment that is not on their approved list. Tonsillectomy is not, and hence tens of thousands of people die from this disease and even greater numbers suffer severely from it when they might be cured or made vastly better with a common out patient surgical procedure.

After a number of years I became unable to continue my web site and only recently have resurrected it with the help of the ease of WordPress blogging. I hope that by sharing what I know and think helps people with this condition.

Many other “autoimmune” conditions are in fact also diseases that can be effectively treated by removing the tonsils … you will find more on my views on autoimmune disease on this blog.

I am also working to restart an effort I ran those many years ago which is collection of medical data from any and all who visit this site. My original data set was instrumental in leading to the positive identification of IgAN genetic markers. Today the sophistication of web based crowd provided data is quite wonderful and I am very hopeful that this new effort to do crowd medicine will be very successful in identifying some of the mysteries of IgA Nephropathy and related conditions.

I have accepted contributions in the past and would do so again. If you have a personal experience or perspective that you can write up to share let me know.



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