Cost of Tonsillectomy

Cost of Tonsillectomy

The cost of tonsillectomy as a treatment for IgA Nephropathy is something to be considered.

In the USA the cost of tonsillectomy inside or outside insurance programs is  under $3000.

Here’s a quote from the Health Care Blue Book

Physician Services

Service:Tonsillectomy – Surgical removal of the tonsils.Fee:$521Fee Details:Physician fee for procedure and routine postoperative care.
Facility Services
Service:Tonsillectomy – Surgical removal of the tonsils.Fee:$1,711Fee Details:Price is for an outpatient procedure. Overnight stay is not included.
Anesthesia Services
Service:Tonsillectomy – Surgical removal of the tonsils.Anesthesia Fee:$619Fee Details:Price is for an average surgery time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Prices may go up or down based upon the actual surgical time required.

Total Fair Price: $2,850

You may find in many locations in the USA the charges for tonsillectomy might be considerably higher than the $2,850 quoted here.

Outside of the USA the cost is dramatically less. Such treatment in “Medical Vacation” locations is ordinarily less than half this price.

Recovery from tonsillectomy is no fun, I’ve had it as an adult. Count on at least a week of rest time where you will not want to be doing anything but recovery.

Compared with the cost of countless visits to your nephrologist for alternative treatments like Steroids or other immune suppressing drugs the cost of one time tonsillectomy is remarkably low. The average annual cost of dialysis in the USA is now almost $100,000/year. Kidney transplant surgery can be less than the cost of dialysis.

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